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Terms and conditions - Zlaté tehličky

Terms and conditions

Terms of trade are developed by RM ASSET s. r. o. with residence Laurinská 2, Bratislava 811 01, section in Trade Register: Sro, insert nr. 83517/B (seller). These terms and conditions modify the business relationship between seller and buyer.

Buyer is a person or a company, which delivered the order by e-mail or telephone and it was confirmed by seller. Prices of seller are stated according to actual world market prices. Prices refresh every 5 minutes according to London and world bullion markets.

Order and purchase treaty

1.Order can be done by e-mail, telephone or personally. Every order of precious metals is binding. Buyer agrees the terms and conditions with creation of order.

2. Products can be ordered every working day from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm by e-mail, telephone +421 911 869 423, or personally.

3. Every order must obtain following information:

a) billing information, e-mail and telephone number for confirmation of order

b) name and quantity of ordered products

4. Seller contacts buyer immediately to send a proforma invoice to buyer with all necessary information. The proforma invoice must be paid to seller within one hour from its delivery to buyer. The best way of payment the proforma invoice is direct bank deposit on RM ASSET account no. 1184856018/1111 in Unicreditbank a. s., Námestie 1. Mája 18, Bratislava.

5. Seller confirms receipt of payment immediately and informs buyer about further steps.

6. Seller can refuse order if:

a) buyer did not send billing information after repeated request

b) buyer paid late for products in past

c) there exist conflicts in payment conditions from side of buyer

Working hours

Webportal operates 24 hours, 7 days in week. Prices are refreshed every 5 minutes according to London bullion market. Working hours of infoline are every working day from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm. Orders are accepted from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm.

Purchase of products during working hours

Every order during working hours is binding according to the terms and conditions.

Purchase of products out of working hours

If buyer ordered precious metals out of order hours (working days from 04:00 pm to 09:00 am, Saturday, Sunday and holidays), we will deal with the order in special mode. The order obtains time code and we know when it was sent. If we receive the order out of working hours, the price of products will be not fixed. If buyer sent the order out of working hours, he agreed with price fixation on next working day at 09:00 am regardless to actual price.

Delivery of products

Delivery time is stated to 15 working days from the receipt of proforma invoice. In special cases (very high demand) can be delivery time longer than 15 working days. Buyer is informed about longer delivery time by e-mail or phone.

Cancellation of order

Order of goods, which prices depends on the external factor, such as stock exchange cannot be cancelled by the law.

Warranty terms

Claims and return of products are not available in case of investment products (gold, silver, platinum, palladium, diamonds…), because price of these products is stated according to price movements on world markets. Producer guarantees quality, weight and proof of investment products.

Privacy policy

All personal information is secret and used only for internal purposes, they will not be publicized, sold to another person or otherwise abused. Personal information is collected from commercial, logistic, statistic and marketing purposes.

Customer information is stored in accordance with the laws of the Slovak Republic, especially with the Act. 428/2002 Z.z. on personal data protection, as amended. Buyer agrees with collection and processing of personal data according to terms and conditions signed in treaty. Buyer can ask seller to delete his data from sellers´ database anytime after agreement of treaty. The buyer has the right to access his personal data, the right of rectification, including other legal rights to the data. Personal information is fully secured against abuse. Personal data are not given to any other person or company. The only exception has external delivery partners that have to know the address of our client for successful delivery of ordered products. Purchase treaties are archived in electronic and print form and they are available only for seller.

Final regulations

These terms and conditions apply as stated on the website of RM ASSET on the date of dispatch of an order. These terms and warranty terms are valid since 09/01/2012.