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RM ASSET s. r. o. distributes investment gold from Swiss mint Argor-Hereaus SA.

The mint Argor-Heraeus SA is one of the biggest processor of precious metals in the world. The main articles of this company are investment gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Argor-Heraeus products are traded all over the world and they are globally accepted by every precious metals dealer.

Argor-Heraeus produces bars in following weights:

  • molded bars: 1g, 2g, 5g, 10g, 20g, 1 Oz (31.1g), 50g, 100g
  • minted bars: 250g, 500g, 1,000g, 400 Oz (approximately 12,500g)

Gold bars with weight 12,500g are not sold to investors, they are owned only by central banks that secure their financial resources.

Production of bricks with weight from 1 to 20 grams is expensive according to their weight. That is the reason why RM ASSET offers only bars from 31.1 grams (1 troy ounce).

Certification of gold bars

Every Argor-Heraeus gold bar has special certificate and minted serial number. Bars lighter than 100g are sealed with the certificate in plastic foil. Bars heavier than 100g are sold without protection foil, the certificate has a separate foil.

Every bullion has minted: Argor-Hereaus logo, country of origin Switzerland, weight of the bar, proof 999/1000 (24 carat) and serial number. All information are also stated on the certificate.

Price development of investment gold

After deeper fall of price during 2013 could be said that gold already passed its best days. But the truth is somewhere else! High demand for gold did not disappear. International investors, central banks and big corporations bought gold anyway. Summer and autumn 2013 gave them the best opportunity. Asian investors, mainly Chinese and Indian, have bought precious metals and coins without any consideration. In comparison with year 2012 is sales level higher than 22% in China and more than 52% in India.

Never in history was recorded any situation when central bank policy has changed market movements so uniquely. The best example is May, June and October 2013 when stocks bounded to gold were manipulated. Gold price is manipulated not only by central banks, but also by big bank communities, which create London fix price. New evidences come up every day and according to them are created every day new prosecutions.

Prices of precious metals depends also on situations in real world, like conflict between Ukraine and Russia, decrease of support money level from FED to American economy, but also lower restriction for gold purchase in India.

What is important to know before investing into precious metals?

Factual value vs. financial value

FINANCIAL VALUE (price) of gold is expressed in USD or EUR. During last months we noticed great sample of forced manipulation of gold price. The point of the manipulation was, that big American institutions created own price statistics with manipulated rates. They mentioned these own statistics during press conference, and many investors were disappointed with development of precious metals, and they sold them without any profit. Therefore, it is important to realize, that price of gold is deducted according to actual state on world markets and it changes constantly. It increases and decreases, all because of forced manipulation. It should be mentioned that there exists also another factors influencing the price of precious metals, for example: inflation, exchange rate, devaluation of currency and others.

FACTUAL VALUE is what gold exactly expresses. Gold and other precious metals are great value holders. The function of value holder works even when the market price of precious metals decreases. They protect the value of investor’s funds in the way of changing money to physical property. Investor does not have to keep his money on virtual account in bank, in cash or in stocks. Gold is very rare, its supplies are scarce and they will be mined in next few years.

Money on bank accounts is only a digit that you see on a display. Deposit Guarantee Fund secures only a small percent of money on bank accounts. Banks offer “evaluation” of money on their term accounts, but when we take into consideration the inflation, it is not a benefit. Average inflation since the beginning of 2013 is 2.2% in Slovakia (information found 06.13.2013/source Statistical Office of Slovak Republic). Most of banks offer to their clients percentage evaluation less than 2.2%. There are few banks that offer higher evaluation under one condition; you must invest at least 10,000 EUR for 3 years. When we summarize the profit from term account that we had for 3 years and we subtract the inflation (with the same level like nowadays), we will earn nothing. We even loos money because we have to pay tax from term accounts. And as a bonus, you cannot move you money for 3 years.

Investors own gold physically in their hands. Gold is VAT free. It can be anytime sold. Gold is used for 6,000 years and through whole years is considered as investment commodity. Supplies of gold are scarce. The factual value of gold is unlimited.


When is good time to invest into precious metals, now or later? Will the price increase forever?

Regular investor does not have to solve questions like these. The base of cost average effect is in creation of investment portfolio regularly. When we split the investments in time, they decrease the risk of improper entrance on market. That is the reason why is regular investment suitable for investor with big portfolio, but also for investor which just started to invest. With regular investment is not necessary to wait for the best second to buy and possible decrease on markets is not a reason to panic. It is exactly vice-versa. With regular investments is possible decrease on markets considered as great opportunity to invest and it brings best profits.

Following sample shows the difference between ONE TIME investment and REGULAR investment:


Investor makes one big investment and he expects increase of his investment after first price correction. If investor wants to get at least to the same level when he invested, he must wait until the price of gold will increase to the initial level. But if investor wants to earn profit, he must wait until the price of gold will rise OVER the initial level of investment.

If investor bought 1 ounce of gold for 1,200 EUR and the price would fall to 1,000 EUR (16.6% decrease), the raise of price to the initial level would be not only 16.66% (1,000x16.6%=1,160). When investor wants to get to initial level, the price must increase in 20% (1,000x20%=1,200)!!!

What results from this example? The deeper the decrease of price is, the steeper the increase of price must be to get to the initial level of investment.


There became a price correction after investment and the investor decided to buy another gold and to use this situation to earn a profit. He uses the strategy of regular investment and this correction “averaged” the price of his gold (cost average effect). Investor does not have to wait until the price of first gold bar will increase, because the price of the second bar will be increasing from the moment of correction.

Regular investments:
1. bar – price 1,200 EUR
2. bar – price 1,100 EUR
3. bar – price 1,080 EUR
4. bar – price 1,000 EUR

Regular investment means, that if investor bought first bar for 1,200 EUR and the price continued to decrease, he decided to invest 3 more times. The price finally fell to 1,000 EUR (decrease 16.6%). Because of 3 more investments, the investor did not have to wait for increase to initial level 20% (1,000x20%=1,200).

The total amount of investment is 4,380 EUR. This amount is divided by number of investments (4,380/4). The result 1,095 EUR is average value of every investment. It means that investor needs only 9.58% to get to initial level of first investment (1,095x9.58%=1,200)!!! Investor does not have to wait on 20% increase like in case of one time investment. It is enough for investor to wait for increase 10.42% lower than in case of one time investment!!! That is the advantage of regular investment.

Graphic development of gold price:

8 hour gold price in EUR per 1Oz.

24 hour gold price in EUR per 1Oz.

30 days gold price in USD per 1Oz.

60 days gold price in USD per 1Oz.

6 months gold price in USD per 1Oz.

1 year gold price in USD per 1Oz.

5 years gold price in USD per 1Oz.

10 years gold price in USD per 1Oz..