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Frequently asked questions - Zlaté tehličky

Frequently asked questions

Why to choose investment gold?

In current times, when exists high possibility of monetary system failure, is necessary to protect money more than ever. Investment gold is good possibility to secure money in times of constantly increasing inflation and economic instability. The purchase of investment gold in form of bullions and coins is necessary to understand as change of paper money to more stable form - gold. In case of return from Euro back to Slovak Crown, investor can lose money because of exchange rate, but if he has gold, he will not lose any gram of his gold. Important option of investment gold is its high liquidity; it can be sold - changed for money anytime. Investment gold has 24 carats and proof 999/1000. It is the only investment precious metal that is VAT free, what increases its popularity in Europe.

What is the difference between paper and physic gold?

Paper gold is just a paper. Paper, which says, that you might have your gold somewhere in safe. If there really is some gold in some safe, you cannot be sure that you are the only owner of mentioned gold. With paper gold is possible, that you have the paper about your investment, but the reality is completely different. Investment company uses your money to create own profit. Investor cannot be sure that he owns any gold and he cannot see gold anytime.

Every investor holds physic gold in own hands and he can manipulate with it according to his preferences. RM ASSET offers to clients’ only physic gold and deliveries the gold directly to clients’ hands. From that moment is only on clients´ decision whether he deposits the gold in company´s safe, where he can see his gold anytime, or whether he stores it in own secret place. Physic gold is traded all over the world, so the client does not have any problem even when he lives abroad.

I want to invest into gold, but I do not know, whether I should wait for lower prices...

It is clever to make a purchase during price corrections, but to hit the wanted price level is difficult. If investor believes to gold as the value holder, there is no need to wait until the price decreases in few percent.

Another possibility is to invest regularly with cost average strategy. The base of cost average effect is split of investments in time. It decreases the risk of improper entrance on market. That is the reason why is regular investment suitable for investor with big portfolio, but also for investor which just started to invest. With regular investments is possible decrease on markets considered as great opportunity to invest and it brings best profits.

Following sample shows the difference between ONE TIME investment and REGULAR investment:


Investor makes one big investment and he expects increase of his investment after first price correction. If investor wants to get at least to the same level when he invested, he must wait until the price of gold will increase to the initial level. But if investor wants to earn profit, he must wait until the price of gold will rise OVER the initial level of investment.

If investor bought 1 ounce of gold for 1,200 EUR and the price would fall to 1,000 EUR (16.6% decrease), the raise of price to the initial level would be not only 16.66% (1,000x16.6%=1,160). When investor wants to get to initial level, the price must increase in 20% (1,000x20%=1,200)!!!

What results from this example? The deeper the decrease of price is, the steeper the increase of price must be to get to the initial level of investment.


There became a price correction after investment and the investor decided to buy another gold and to use this situation to earn a profit. He uses the strategy of regular investment and this correction “averaged” the price of his gold (cost average effect). Investor does not have to wait until the price of first gold bar will increase, because the price of the second bar will be increasing from the moment of correction.

Regular investments:
1. bar – price 1,200 EUR
2. bar – price 1,100 EUR
3. bar – price 1,080 EUR
4. bar – price 1,000 EUR

Regular investment means, that if investor bought first bar for 1,200 EUR and the price continued to decrease, he decided to invest 3 more times. The price finally fell to 1,000 EUR (decrease 16.6%). Because of 3 more investments, the investor did not have to wait for increase to initial level 20% (1,000x20%=1,200).

The total amount of investment is 4,380 EUR. This amount is divided by number of investments (4,380/4). The result 1,095 EUR is average value of every investment. It means that investor needs only 9.58% to get to initial level of first investment (1,095x9.58%=1,200)!!! Investor does not have to wait on 20% increase like in case of one time investment. It is enough for investor to wait for increase 10.42% lower than in case of one time investment!!! That is the advantage of regular investment.

Why should you choose RM ASSET?

How works the process of investment?

Products can be ordered every working day from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm by e-mail, or telephone +421 911 869 423.

Every order must obtain following information:

a) billing information, e-mail and telephone number for confirmation of order

b) name and quantity of ordered products

Seller contacts buyer immediately to send a proforma invoice to buyer with all necessary information. The proforma invoice must be paid to seller within one hour from its delivery to buyer. The best way of payment for proforma invoice is direct bank deposit on RM ASSET account no. 1184856018/1111, IBAN SK09 1111 0000 0011 8485 6018, served in Unicreditbank a. s., Námestie 1. Mája 18, Bratislava. Seller confirms receipt of payment immediately and informs buyer about further steps.

I do not have time to watch the price and to choose the best weight of products. Can you do it for me?

Of course, we offer complete realization of investment with no effort from the side of client. We create the investment plan and realize the plan according to client´s preferences.

Does your products have certificate?

Gold bars Argor-Heraeus are distributed with certificates expressing the proof and quality. Bars lighter than 100g have the certificate foiled with bar in plastic foil. Bars heavier than 100g have the certificates separately in plastic foil.

Can I weigh products before the purchase?

Clients have the possibility to weigh purchased products on our weight from Brutto s. r. o. Bullions lighter than 100g have few more grams as it stated on bullion because the certificate and the plastic foil. Bullions heavier than 100g have the exact weight as stated on the bullion.

I have an amount of money, but I do not know how to combine bullions...

We will gladly help you in this situation and we will create the concept of your gold reserve. In general, we advice to investor, who wants to earn profit from investment, to purchase bullions with higher weight. Investor, who wants to secure his money, should primarily buy bullions with lower weight.

Do you offer repurchase?

RM ASSET provides repurchase of precious metals supplied by the company itself. Repurchase prices are stated under actual purchase price in the Products category. We repurchase only undamaged products with certificate.